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Manufacturers looking for a responsible gold supplier can turn to Metallix 100% Recycled Gold for industrial gold. Our gold shot is 99.99 percent pure and is made using our 100 percent gold recycling process — each bead is made exclusively from scrap gold that has already been mined and used in an industrial application. Metallix purchases, recycles and refines this gold in our own refinery, here in the USA.

Our production of recycled gold is part of our commitment to environmental, health and safety best practices, and to help prevent the need for additional mining. Learn more about our processes and environmental controls.

Secure Packaging

All gold shot orders are shipped in secure and sealed packaging. Once your order is complete, we will weigh the gold shot, and place the shot in a sealed plastic bag. This plastic bag is then placed inside of a canvas bag imprinted with the Metallix 100% Recycled Gold logo, and sealed again with a numbered zip tie.

Each sealed canvas bag of gold shot comes with a tag specifying the details of your order. You are advised to review the details on the tag for accuracy, and weigh the sealed canvas bag to confirm the gross weight prior to breaking its seal.

Purchase Gold Shot

To purchase Metallix 100% Recycled Gold, contact us at 1-800-327-7938 or complete our order form. A Metallix representative will contact you to finalize the transaction. There is a $500 minimum order requirement for gold shot.

Metallix 100% Recycled Gold also offers one-troy-ounce gold ingots for investment purposes.

Today's Gold Shot Price

*$1,260.06/ozEstimated Cash PricePrice subject to change according to market conditions. Please call to lock in your price.

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Call us, or complete our order form and a Metallix representative will contact you to complete the transaction.

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