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Recognizing the environmental impacts caused by mining, and the need for a safer, sustainable solution, Metallix 100% Recycled Gold was established by Metallix Refining to offer investors and industrial manufacturers gold products that have been made using recycled materials.

We offer 99.99 percent pure gold ingots and 99.99 percent pure gold shot. Our ingots and shot are made exclusively from scrap gold that has already been mined and used in an industrial application, resulting in a true, 100 percent gold recycling process. Metallix purchases, recycles and refines this gold in our own refinery, here in the USA.

Committed to environmental, health and safety (EHS) best practices, our hope is that the selling and purchasing of recycled gold products will help prevent the need for additional mining.

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About Metallix Refining

Metallix RefiningMetallix Refining Inc. has been in the precious metals refining business since 1968. We process and purchase scrap materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium from small and large businesses alike, in the jewelry, medical, dental, electronics, specialty chemical, automotive and many other industries.

We own and operate an 85,000-square-foot, ISO 9001:2008-certified precious metals recycling facility on a 15-acre site in Greenville, North Carolina. Our executive offices are located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Our partnership, Metallix Direct Gold, purchases high-grade gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium scrap from businesses. We also function as a “cash-for-gold” company for consumers interested in selling unused, broken or unwanted jewelry, flatware and more.

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